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Refused to repair my son earbuds

(Topic created on: 28-07-2022 08:03 PM)
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Good evening 

I purchased my teenage son a Samsung galaxy g21, earbuds pro and a galaxy watch. After just 7 months his earbuds charger has stopped chargers the left hand earbud. The left hand earbud will still charge on the right hand side of the charger and the earbuds work perfectly. I arranged for a return to be repaired. Now Samsung are refusing to repair the ear bud charger because of misuse because the earbuds had some surface earwax on them. What is so frustrating is they have confirmed the circuit board is faulty in the charger and the earbuds are fine. They have returned the earbuds a simple wipe with a piece of tissue and they are as good as new. When I spoke to Ali at Samsung customer service he told be his decision was final and there was no procedures to challenge his decision. My son is devastated as most other teenagers he lives on his phone and listens to music all time. Does anyone know of an email address I can use to challenge this very harsh decision?

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You could also go via the Resolver website as that can be quite effective in aiming a complaint to the right place, higher up the chain in Samsung. I'd look at quoting the Sale of Goods act in that they were not of satisfactory quality and that the issue is down to manufacturer fault rather than misuse - if it was misuse then I'd suspect neither side would charge and not just a single circuit board for one side.

Depending on how they were purchased too, if it was by credit card, then you could approach your CC provider as you'd be covered by Section 75 protection.
I know this might sound harsh, but why didn't you clean the buds before you sent then off for repair. In your words "a wipe with a tissue" no big deal.
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I would certainly try to escalate this with the Samsung Support Department in your region.

Also as a final resort you may find people selling the charging case only i.e no buds included on places like ebay etc.

Just a suggestion.

I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 

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