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problems with otterbox case

(Topic created on: 13-09-2022 07:40 PM)
I use an otterbox defender case around my Samsung Galaxy xCover Pro , and a week ago I discovered it is damaged my phone. (or rather it caused me to damage my phone.)

because of the thick rubber around my phone I.lost the view of my USB port and because the hole in the otterbox frame is a bit bigger than an USB port. I kept pushing the USB plug to hard to get it into the USB port.
the USB connection bit is metal the phone case is (hard) plastic resulting in damage around the USB port hole.
Am I the only one with this problem or have others had the same problem?

For my next phone I am now seriously wondering if getting a good sturdy case is a good idea. 

if you have an sturdy otterbox defender case (or other brand sturdy case) remove it completely from the phone and look.if the phone around the USB port hole is damaged.

if yourvphone is damaged nothing you can do about it so best to put the case back on because it does protect the phone in other ways. but for new phones be wary if it is made of plastic.