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Issues with physical keyboard EF-DX915

(Topic created on: 10-04-2024 09:22 PM)
Tarcisio Gruppi
First Poster

I got a Samsung Tab S9 Ultra with the book cover keyboard (EF-DX915).

My main use for this tablet is to work on a book I'm writing. I use markdown to write this book. Sometimes I also use the tablet to connect to my PC over SSH to do some quick task.

I use the keyboard with the Brazilian Portuguese language. This keyboard is made for Brazil, it even has "ç" in it.

Sadly the keyboard doesn't behave as an actual keyboard would. I'm ok not having a dedicated / (slash) and ? (question mark) button, I can adapt to their placement, but not being able to type special characters like a backtick or a tilde is killing me.

I'm writing a book about programming and often I need to write a short piece of code. I would use backticks for that but the character inserted by the keyboard isn't a backtick, and inserting even this character is a weird process.

In an proper keyboard I would press backtick and then space bar to get the actual backtick character. A similar process would be used to get a tilde, I would press tilde and then space bar.

In the current implementation I have to type backtick twice to get one on screen. This process would be acceptable if it was a proper backtick at least.

Is there any way to fix this? Any way to get a normal keyboard behavior on my book cover keyboard? Samsung?


Thank you all.