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Galaxy S9 + Dex keyboards do not work except for ESCAPE key

(Topic created on: 05-07-2022 01:24 AM)
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I have a Galaxy S9 and a Dex USB dock . When I plug in my dock to the phone, it correctly maps to my HDMI monitor in Dex mode. I can then press the escape key on my keyboard and it will switch from emulating the swipe motions to using the mouse - much like a real desktop experience!

However, my keyboard does not type. I have tried 3 different keyboards: 1 using a USB wireless dongle and 2 were wired. None of them type. However all 3 allows me to press the ESC key and it will switch the mouse from swipe emulation to using the mouse - so it is clearly getting keyboard input.

I've tried googling this issue and find several posts on here about switching the keyboard settings in Dex mode but all I ever see on my phone are suggestions to use "Samsung English (US)" under Physical Keyboard and this does not allow me to type with my keyboard.

I would really really like to use a keyboard with my phone and mouse in Dex mode so I can use my Galaxy S9 more productively. Can anyone help me out here?