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Does anyone elses camera do this?

(Topic created on: 20-03-2017 11:30 PM)

I recently got an S6 which was working really well, until a week ago were I couldn't access my network anymore. Took it back to CEX and they gave me a replacement but the back facing camera keeps not focussing when opened. * It will eventually focus but can take anywhere up to around 20 seconds, though most consistently takes around 5.

When I tried to take it back I was told that "this is normal, lots of phones do this"  and it's not a fault with the phone, even though my previous one didn't do it at all, and I've also never had a phone do this. <- Video of it happening with video stabilisation on and then off in later shots off. (When I first took it back they said this is what causes it when it's on, but soon realised it happens regardless, which is when I took it back a second time and got told it's normal) <- The shaking when I'm recording a video. 

I'm sorry but is this normal? Does anyone else's do this? 

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Yes I do & I agree this is not normal. I have had my phone a while and my daughter told me that they knew it was a fault. It is ridiculous as I cannot capture that quick moment. I  never complained about it but surprised to see their response to you. Have seen replies and will do something about it although had mine for a while



I agree, found it so irritating especially when you know it shouldn't be doing it.


Depending on how long you've had the phone you should be able to get this fixed under warranty as it's a hardware fault with this phone. 


I took my phone to the nearest Samsung store and in less than 5 minutes I was told it's a problem with the camera and they had the spare part, and a different CEX store gave me a full refund as they couldn't replace the phone. 


Good luck with getting yours fixed!