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Customer service runaround I need help please!

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 I received a new Samsung phone for my birthday.  I didn't register my phone.   It automatically registered in y Samsung Account when I activated the phone.  I had a problem with the software not updating and Samsung Told me to send it in and emailed me a label.   After they inspected the phone the Lateef problems and Pender the repair unroll I added a credit card that could be billed.   I got the receipt from the person who gave me the phone, and after no progress showed on the repair I called to find out the status of the repair.   The representitive pulled the receipt and told me the repair would would be done under the warranty and sent a revised ticket indicating a zero balance.   The phone went back to tech support and this time they identified an unauthorized repair and voided the ticket saying my phone was BER (BEYOND ECONOMICAL REPAIR)  and returned my phone unrepaired.  I opened my phone immediately and found the S Pen was missing and the metal  dust cover for the speaker.  My phone also had a glass screen protector with dust and bubbles under it that did not belong on my phone.   I called immediately and was told I would have to return my phone, given a reference number,  and instructed to wait for Customer Relations to call within 48 hours to tell me they voiled the BER STATUS and emailed me a return  label.  I waited and no one called me.  For the past few days I call and Customer Relations tells me they will correct the issue and then someone in the executive office cancels  the request.  I am just getting transferred around and placed on two and three hour holds.  Samsung ruined my brand new phone.  It doesn't have one scratch on it.  I am dealing with the store to get to the bottom of if there could have been an unauthorized repair on what they sold as a new phone.   I just do not understand how A phone can be returned missing parts and Samsung refuses to fix the parts  they didn't return to me. I can buy a new S PEN, but I have no idea how to replace the earpiece dust cover.   I have lost all respect for Samsung after being treated this way.  My Samsung account has a list of registered products and only one time a couple years ago did I have one repair.   They handled that one very professional and as I expected.  How can they not send all of my phone back and refuse to correct their mistake?

Email the CEO with your account of events and as much evidence as you have, Samsung customer service is poor and its only by the higher authority stuff can get done properly.
Its important that you have evidence of all this though otherwise they won't take you seriously. CEO can be found easily via Google. just search for Samsung *country* CEO and contact details should show.
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