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Crafty Apple

(Topic created on: 11-08-2023 11:05 PM)
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Apples' reticence to update their software for tracker scanning, unlike Google who released their air tag detecting update yesterday, shows me that they don't intend to update their software, thus delaying the 'Google "Find My" network' indefinatly. 
This will mean that Apple continues to dominate the airtag tracker market. Forcing anyone who wants Away From Device tracking of luggage etc HAS to use an airtag and Apples service and hardware. 

Google should release the find my device network now and force apples hand. Otherwise they've got us over a barrel for a long as they want. 

What? I don't get the logic here? The Unknown Tracker Alert is in Android now. This does not require you to buy an Apple tracker. You can keep using your SmartTag while your phone will detect if there is an Apple tag following you without your consent.


I agree Google is being the usual Anti-Android Google by only having the native Android alert detecting unwanted Apple tags. But hey, if you want to fix Google's inferiority complex towards Apple, maybe complain on a Google forum? 😋

Regarding conspiracy theories. You want a good one? There has been leaks of a new upcoming Samsung SmartTag. It is not a far-fetched guess that "Google's" FindMy network won't be announced until Samsung launches that new SmartTag, simply because "Google's" FindMy network is in reality Samsung's current Galaxy Find network. I mean, that is how Samsung revived the dead WearOS, by renaming Tizen.