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Charging Galaxy Buds (charging case) with powershare doesn't work with S10

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1. Replace Case of S10

2. Activate Powershare function on S10

3. Place Charging Case with Buds on back side of S10 (more or less in the middle)

4. Nothing happens, no LED showing on Charging Case

5. Powershare function on S10 deactivates after about 30'


Any Ideas? Thanks for your help.

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some cases may be to thick for it to work and you may need to remove the case for it to work well. It is designed to turn off itself ater 30 seconds i belive if it dose not detect the device you want to charge.

Thank you Jack1174, although it doesn't help me much 😉

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For those who face the same problem: I got this from Samsung Support: Quite good and well structured instructions although it solved my problem either. So back to Samsung and claim for warranty 🙄

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