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Bowers & Wilkins PX headphones


Help!! My new pair of Bowers & Wilkins PX Headphones keep rejecting pairing with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Why is that happening?!

Hi @herod

have you successfully paired the headphones to another compatible device to ensure the issue does not lie with the headphones themselves. According to the Bowers & Wilkins support site, when you first pair the headphones you are required to enable Bluetooth on the phone and then press and hold the headphones combined power/Bluetooth button directly inwards for 2 seconds, therefore you can try this method to see if you're able to establish a connection.

Hi there

I have exactly the same issue

I have 2 samsumg Galaxy, S6 and S7, and both are failing.

I have tried pairing with an iphone 5 from a friend, and it works perfectly well.

So, the Bowers and wilkings PX are working fine, the issue is in the Samsumg, but why both Samsumg mobiles are failing to pair with my headphones? a mistery!! I have tried to reset the bluetooth, rescan, on off bluetooth, but nothing seems working. 

Any help will be highly appreciated.




Thank you. Your response was much appreciated.

I did try both of the methods that you suggested.

And that worked for me. They are now paired and working fine.


To be frank l don't really know; what to suggest; that would be helpful to you; and resolve your problem. Have you tried to reboot your phones after trying to pair? Do you have a pair of Bowers & Wilkins PX Series headphones?


You could look on YouTube for assistance: just type in a brief description about what you have been trying to do and see what comes up.


I did that and with another member's input found how to do the pairing of my PX's with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone. And it worked!


Four fruitless hours l spent trying to pair them and the answer was on YouTube. And the solution only took a couple of minutes to perform and resolved the issue l had.






thanks for your quick reply.

I have tried several things, restarting and resetting the PX headphones, restarting and resetting bluetooh in both phones, etc. I have check the videos and tutorials that bowers and wilkings has for pairing the PX devices, but nothing work with any of my two samsumgs Galaxy (s6 and s7)

On the other side, I have tried to pair the PX headphones with my work laptop and my personal laptop and I have the same issue. the only devide I have achieved a sucessful pairing is an iphone 5.

So, don't know exactly where the problem is, it may be the versions of the bluetooh?





Possibly could be different Bluetooth versions, @Paco_mer - especially if the same issue is happening across different devices and brands, apart from that iPhone 5. It's an odd one. :thinking-face:


Any further progress you've made on this one since you posted; or more info you've discovered?

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I do not know if my answer is too late but in case you are experiencing pairing issues between B&W PX and Samsung S8 check that you have active the option "phone visibility". I have been all the day trying to pair the headphones without success and as soon I have activated the option everything goes OK.

Guys, is there a solution? Owning my PX a one week, and still can't connect them to my S7. No video about this issue found in youtube. Help please!

I have had the same issue.

After turning down the power button. Waite for the pulsing blue light and then push and hold the power button and keep it down 2 minutes. It worked for me. Thank you

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