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Advice on dealing with cracked back cover - please help!

(Topic created on: 07/02/18 13:38)
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So... I'm not having much luck with phones at the moment!

I recently damaged my Fairphone 2, which I loved, but had to claim a new phone on insurance. They couldn't source a Fairphone 2 so sent me a 'white box' (no paperwork / accessories) refurbished Samsung S7 Edge instead.

It arrived fine and looked great. Unfortunately, being that it didn't come with any paperwork, I wasn't aware that it is made of glass and ridiculously delicate!
Less than 48hrs after it arriving I managed to knock it off my desk - it fell less than 3 feet onto a wooden floor and shattered the back cover!!
Honestly I couldn't believe it. None of the reviews mentioned it would be so easy to damage and if I'd have known I wouldn't have even unboxed it without getting a solid case.
My Fairphone 2 could take WAY more than that - I even dropped it while cycling once and it was fine. Why on earth do they make the ***** thing out of glass??! It looks like shiny metal. Gutted! Really I'm not a clumsy person - a phone should be able to drop a couple of feet onto wood! Sheesh.

Anyway local repair shop has quoted £73.00 (UK) to repair it - now I see why they do it perhaps...

So I don't know what to do - I've written my insurer but I have no idea how they'll take another claim so soon, and I'd rather not do that. So I'm wondering - perhaps there is a way I could just stick tape or a skin on the back and use the phone in a case? I know it would lose the waterproof element, but it would still work, right?

Please, anyone - any help or advice would be most appreciated. Should I just gaffa tape the bleedin thing and stick it in a proper solid case with screen protector? Or would further damage still occur do you think?

Image here >> http://

It's not going to fix the damage but you could skin it to hide. Its not protect, just chances the appearance and protects from scratches. But not drops or cracks. Upto you then if you use a cover.