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Samsung health monitor and Good lock-permission

(Topic created on: 28-07-2023 12:56 PM)
Marta Stojčić
First Poster

Hello. I bought a Samsung watch 5 pro but I can't use the ECG and blood pressure option because the use of the Samsung health monitor app is not approved in my country. I partially understand this because Samsung did not receive a license from the Ministry of Health, but why is it not possible to use the Good lock application on Samsung phones in my country, which serves to set up the phone and which offers a lot of options and which really sets Samsung phones apart from other manufacturers in terms of various interesting settings?? You are my favorite brand, I love all your products, but I'm disappointed that I can't use your devices to the full. Especially with a watch that is related to general health. And that's not fair to your customers either. Try a little harder, get those permissions and enable those two apps in all countries!!
By the way, I'm from Serbia.