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Disability / accessibility issue: Samsung Calendar App Galaxy a32

(Topic created on: 26-01-2023 07:32 PM)
First Poster

I don't want this samsung calendar on my phone/ showing on my screen. 

I have a preferred calendar app which works better for me across my other apps and it links well with family calendars 

I have ADHD and  am autistic alongside physical disabilities.

The calendar uses valuable phone space, and i find it confusing having two calendar apps. 

I have hidden or disabled several other unwanted samsung apps but this calendar , wth?! 

I can't delete it, cant  hide it,  cant remove the widget,  NOR can i disable or deep sleep it. 

It's undefeatable and i need a workaround! 

I want to be as organised as possible. Having superfluous pre installed apps affects my daily functioning and makes it hard for me to effectively manage my time .

When setting reminders , sometimes my smart apps and devices don't m distinguish between my chosen calendar and the Samsung one. Events are added to the calendar I don't use, sometimes writing over existing events and I've missed vital appointments.

if the two calendars don't auto sync when events are added by mistake to the samsung calendar,  it's a mess at work, at home, socially,  affects health appointments etc.

 Too many apps creates visual clutter for me   when my cognition is already compromised.

 finding apps in a hurry whilst stressed leads to mistakes, and  can annoy other people,  for example:

*when someone's setting an appointment for me and I can't find the right calendar quick enough 

*searching for things like retail apps, healthcare log-ins, online loyalty cards etc whilst people queuing behind me is embarrassing and anxiety provoking. 

How to speak to somebody within Samsung to discuss further?

 Not sure if their staff read here but if they do:

Please Samsung designers and makers! consider your disabled and neurodivergent customers.

Remove accessibility barriers by making it easy to hide, disable or remove unwanted pre installed apps.

Even better don't assume you know what the customer wants or needs.

Presumably you make money from some pre installed apps (eg social media and some really bad games), but most of us know what we need on our own phones and where to find it,.

we're often starting with information backed up from previous phones so have everything we need already. 

How about just installing the basics? 

necessary system apps and set-up essentials:

easy WiFi and sim set up (with straightforward transfer from old phone/sim where needed)

Playstore,  generic email set up app, clock, phone, calculator, decent notebook.

How about an introductory sms, linking to your site, featuring downloads for the most frequently installed apps  

 give customers freedom and autonomy to choose what we want on our phones 

You're not Bono and this isn't Apple, respect our right to choose!