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why do samsung allow cheating on samsunghealth challenges

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I agree! I do not think any member of Samsung support has answered this question for now. There does not seem to be any interest for clients!
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Yes they must be banned!
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If you try to contact Samsung regarding the issue of repeated cheaters on the Samsung Health global challenges then the response will be that you are envious of people above you in the leaderboard and that it is entirely possible to walk/run 10KM per hour every hour for 24 hours a day consistently for a month.

They will point out (even though you never mention it) that the challenges are started at the beginning of the month and that no steps are carried over from previous challenges.

They will claim that an 'algorithm' will weed out the cheaters and place them in a 'Samsung Health Jail', which of course, even if true, doesn't work as you will consistently see these apparent fitness unicorns completing the challenge within 24 hours and continue to  increase in step count persistently until the end of the challenge.


Samsung will not do anything to correct the problem (who knows, maybe I will be proven wrong eventually) and they do not seem concerned in the slightest. They will simply tell you to try harder and not focus on the obvious problem with the challenge as it doesn't really matter. The attitude towards this makes me wonder why they bothered to create a global challenge in the first place.


I know my response to this is generally quite a negative one but in all, I really do like the app overall. It is fun to run the challenge alongside friends and the other features make it a useful addition to smart technology. I just think that this one particular function is hugely disappointing and it is a shame that nobody wants to do anything about it.

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