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why do samsung allow cheating on samsunghealth challenges


MARCH 2019


The exact same problem stil persists. Obviously Samsung doesn't give a ***** about their customers. Solution could be very easy: asuper athletic human being can do a certain number of steps per day, this figure can be set as an upper limit (with some margin). Exceeding this limit for a couple of days for example should disqualify the participant. No rocket science if Samsung cares!

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I have been working real hard to lose weight and have been increasing workouts. However I have the new S10 and I think its double counting. I also tried to see how one is able to cheat. I swung my arm forward and back with hrad in phone and counter went up.  So yes ppl will be cheating. That said, they cheat on themselves.  It should be about personal achievement. Sod everyone else. 

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Today just opened April's challange. According to the app. Trump has over 198k steps. If a marathon is approximately 55k that means he did 3+ marathons today. 

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First of May. Me 12,000 steps by early afternoon. Someone else over 170,000. I think I need to up my game. I'm clearly not motivated enough.

Seriously though it's sad to see that these people take the fun out of the community event when everyone is ultimately a looser in the sense they cannot legitimately complete with these unrealistic "achievements".

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And then the person currently in first is literally called 'I am the king and cheat of Samsung Health' 


What a joke 🙄

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 Please do something about the cheaters, its irritating!!!!

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