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why do samsung allow cheating on samsunghealth challenges

I, young man, worked for 45, years so I could retire.... However, the chances of u walking the distance u claim are between zero and none.... I look forward to your " proof".

Let's see it. Not from an app on your phone but from ONE watch.

I don't actually give a *****. Really wish I'd never mentioned it. People cheat. It's hardly a news flash!!
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Don't worry about cheaters we all know they do it just worry about yourself that is the important thing don't cheat your body or yourself and enjoy the app which is what I do it focuses me if people cheat themselves to get top places they are actually losers and we are in fact the winners


Well Samsung is grear at cheating their consumers! More recently they took away gift cards for Samsung Pay points without any notification.  Bye Samsung. Smh

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I remember seeing somebody with 3.9M steps on the 21st of the month. That boils down to 2.4 steps/second, 24 hours a day for 21 days. Did they just put their phone in a paint shaker and leave it all month?


August green tea challenge is my first challenge. I also noticed the same 10 cheaters, always at the top. Your math makes me realize this is impossible. These guys are *****s, but I have seen 1 of their public posts, they don't care about their health (no talk about that) they really only talk to each other because no one else can stand them. I think it's sad that they are so wrapped up in a health app instead of real life. Us sincere people are doing our best every day and not concerned about beating people. I am just happy to reach a star in time on the green tea challenge. I compete against myself.

Everyone knows these top 10 are losers (using President Trumps words - and we have a president Trump in the top 10 loser club). I would dare any of these losers to post a picture of themselves on the public photo stream. I doubt any of them look like Arnold Schwarzenegger lol.


Yes. Cheating, unfortunately is a big part of some people's DNA. YOU ARE SO RIGHT! If they get banned, there will be 10 new ones.
Maybe they are all on cocaine or methamphetamine and don't sleep for 3 days. Haha!
Just ignore them and compete against yourself.
Please tell me that you aren't talking to me I am up at 230 am and don't stop til my head hits the pillow. I have OCD and don't relax love to work. Lol have a great day Sir Graybeard
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