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why do samsung allow cheating on samsunghealth challenges

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No. Samsung should not ban anyone for this matter. Samsung should verify if the user is human, when achieving these hackers dreams. And as Samsung outcompetes it's competitors of technological advances, Samsung will have to continue to outperform it's competitive hackers of software developments
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The problem is and evolves into how these hackers exercise their ability to hack. Accountability begins with registering. And it should end with continual registering of your identity in the things you claim to do. Without that continual presence, all we do os lost in the cosmos of applications 


Samsung should fix the issue with these cheats and scammers. I pulled out now. I had this friend who was a girl turn out to be a male.


Waste of time


I'm almost to that point.  When I do, I'm changing back to Apple.  Someone will get a great deal on my  Note 8, S8+ and Gear S3. 

Samsung continues to ignore the user complaints 



Don't go all crazy over a simple Competition on a health app.

Unlike the fellow above you who clearly friended someone on S-Health cause he thought they were a woman.


My issues with Samsung are well beyond the health app.  New note 8 had to replace screen due to burn in one 2 months after purchase.  Gear S3 powers down intermittently, poor customer service, cannot add weather location on gear, I can go on and on.  



Thats funny. I have both of those (Note 8 and gear s3 Frontier) and have had no issues with either device.

I don't understand that makes me so mad because I work so hard to get 20 thousand steps a day and on day one someone is done. Cheating is just cheating on yourself. They need to grow up.
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The biggest problem I have with these cheaters, is the fact that they mess up the stats. We'll never have a true reflection of our monthly step count wrt the global average etc.



Samsung doesn't care about this challenge as long as you join.      They only understand when the numbers fall.... I won't join again for 6months and see if it has changed ... If not I'll stay with Underarmour challenges ... They run honest contests 

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