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why do samsung allow cheating on samsunghealth challenges


I don't understand the point of having this challenges while are not fair. Should be removed, is for nothing. This ***** of rigged competition doesn't make me to use SHealth, so it's usless to keep it.  According to Samsung this guys they did not sleep in past 24 hours, they were just making steps. 


Not only are they cheaters but their pictures (if they have one) are not real.  They grab a picture of a bodybuilder or athlete and use it for their own when in reality most of them are fat lazy slobs who sit in front of the TV all day while their Samsung watch is tied to a fan or paint shaker.  

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Still so upset about this... He has over 181,000 steps and the challenged opened this morning.  He would have had to run non-stop at a marathon pace for the last 24 hours.  It's ridiculous.  Screenshot_20180501-133535.png

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This bugged me last month throughout the challenge !!!!!!

Did 14 thousand steps today and nearly died when I seen some old fella is nearly finished!!!!!!!! Like I walk A LOT all day every day and it took me 3 weeks to finish the last challenge!!!!! So annoyed with these fakers


What upsets me is that by the cheaters doing this - the top 30/10/5 percent is out of wack also.  I hit 10-14k steps a day via work and a treadmill.  Been at it hard since new year.  Hit my 25 pound loss last week.  I also noticed that Nike Run is the same way, a bunch of cheaters and for?  It's not like we get Samsung Points or something SMH....


Has anyone reached out to Samsung, perhaps if they get bombarted they will do something - afterall they have to make some type of money from them offering the ads/offers ...

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Good point. i did get high up there-for my age group. I walk a lot. The cheaters annoy me in a different way than most of the posts. It's frightful. I enjoy the fact that I met the challenge. But I think about where our culture is going these days. Where cheating brings satisfaction. So desperate for a little attention, so empty are their lives, that they need to cheat to be able to believe they are something, somebody.
Nice to see a post from the younger generation. Objective and a little insightful.
Samsung really doesn't need defending. Think of it like this. Samsung sets up game for those of us who are fair. They can not really no who is not, nor can they be calling people liars. After all, even cheaters spend money. And Samsung is a business!
We should be policing ourselves and ignoring those who don't play by the rules.
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At the 'mature' of 63 and still walking and working full time I have the maturity not to let someone else's cheating bother me. I am doing right. And the 'lower position' is ? Eliminate the obvious cheaters and recalculate the math and you know your 'position'. The competition is against yourself.
Now something like cheating on your taxes and other things affect us all. That is something to fret about.
Great to hear you are still very active at your 'mature' age of 66. Still young actually. Seriously.

I have. Contacted Samsung several times  as have others.  They respond with a poorly worded form letter that  in effect, says they monitor for cheats and encourage you and I to step up our game .. I say poorly written because I'm assuming it is an AI translation from the original language letter and apparently their AI is about the same quality as their code writers who are incapable of writing a code that boots out impossible results daily.. 


Why we can report only for the image or for the nickname


We must have the possibility to report also users that cheat the challenge?


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Fully agree that we should be able to report cheats. It would be easy for Samsung to set up an algorithm to ignore fake step counts i.e. 10k steps in an hour or +60k steps in a day (if any genuine person did exceed this I'm sure they wouldn't mind appealing as they too would want to stop the cheats).
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