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why do samsung allow cheating on samsunghealth challenges

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SAMSUNG - this is a valid question that needs to be formally addressed. What are you doing about this increasingly annoying and embarrassing issue?

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Definitely needs answers
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I know its an honor system and its not REALLY hurting anyone but I would still think it better to police this a little.  The November 2017 challenge has been going on for less then two day and there are participants posting 300,000 steps.  

Does not take much work on a calculator to see that this does not add up.




 Someone please explain how on day 7 someone has 719189  steps?   Seriously, does anyone believe these people I  the top 10 actually average 41-48miles per day...., 7 days in a row.    


They're cheating.... Or, they're cheating.   If this is the way Samsung runs challenges... No accountability, I'll not be back for another challenge 



I also noted that 1800 have finished the challenge... Impossible to average in excess of 28500 steps per day.   Obviously using more than one step counting device linked to health.    Personally, I don't want to win by cheating.   Of course, Samsung has never said what the winners get.   All I have seen do far is when I reach a goal, I get an advertisement for tracking device 


I am pretty sure that they are hacking it but in reality they are cheating themself. For me it gone positive side. In begining I just walked 3k to 4k steps a day.  Regularly Parcipating in challanges and seeing those unreal figures makes me to push further and now I am walking 20k steps a day. It was hard in beginning but now I am enjoying it and I am happy now. I have no regrets for those crappy figures, because all I did really satisfied me.


Here is the official response from Samsung.    Totally bs.   How many people walk 10 hrs daily?   I shall not join future Samsung challenges.   Other sites monitor better.  

Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

From your inquiry we understand that you are worried about some steps inside the new challenge in Samsung Health.


We kindly inform you that, from our experience, it is possible walk up to 60,000 steps in 10 hours at a normal walking speed. If you speed it up, 100,000 steps is also possible.

And if you worried about cheatting, Samsung Health team is well aware of possible cheating cases and already have prevention measures in place. We are also closely monitoring such situations that may have slipped under our radar, so please bear with us through this process.


If you encounter any other unexpected situation or have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and our support team will assist you with all the necessary information.

But I bet you didn't do that in one day like the cheaters do!

Even if they remove them the cheaters just come back the next month under a different tag.


It would take very little code to build in an algorithm that would kick out above possible feats.  For instance, I'm in a challenge on another site that limits exercise period to 4 hours, if u report above that the exercise is not counted towards the goal.   For Samsung to base their response on 10 hours is preposterous.  No one walks 10 hours a day at a brisk pace. 

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