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why do samsung allow cheating on samsunghealth challenges

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trying to understand why Samsung provide a service like global step challenge and then allow cheats to dominate the board every month.. it's not rocket science that if someone dies 200000 steps a day they are cheating or if on average they have done 2 steps a second , every second eithout sleep since the challenge opened they are cheating. why don't Samsung care about this and stop it ? it puts a lot of people off using the service

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Hi I am pretty sure it's not that its being allowed it's just that its not policed as it's not a security threat 

If people are cheating it then they are cheating themselves more than any thing 

I do understand your frustration though as I use it myself on my gear fit 2 and without even trying I have 250000 up to now 

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Nothing has changed...




I walk 7 to 10 miles a day, 5 days a week. It is physically impossible to walk over 2 million steps in 12 days. These people need to be banned from global challenges! They are ruining it for the rest of us! If Samsung does not do something I will no longer participate in this nonsense. I feel sorry for the sad pathetic human beings that think this is ok. You only cheat yourself and your health and prevent those of us that actually do try from getting any recognition for our true accomplishments. I wish you nothing but self respect!



You are absolutely right. These users should be permanent banned. Now in the September challenge a user in 21 days has 3,5 million steps. That is 166 thousand steps per day.
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I think Samsung actually try to remove cheaters, but the problem is that it is too east to cheat. I have taken part in three challenges to date and in each of them, the previous 'winners' are no longer present. Instead other people realise how easy it is to cheat and take up the cheaters mantle.

It is the first day of the Green Tea challenge and I can already see someone with 250,000 steps. That is about 125 miles in a single day. If that is not cheating they should be flying about with a cape.

If Samsung want to encourage people on their 'Health' app, they need to find a way to sanitise their app before it becomes a trending topic.

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I'm sure that 250k you got wasn't in one day like the people on there now. It's just not possible unless you have multiple gears, phones, and other things that is tracking more than one person's real steps.
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I agree
I just signed up, there are all ready people that have completed it. Then there are those that sign up, don't try, which increases the steps for the top 10% SMH...3 months now and the same thing...
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It would be easy enough for Samsung to create a small programme that weeds out people who's steps exceed the humanly possible. That programme could automatically remove cheaters. All the cheaters are proving is that they know how to hack their device software. 

I've send in complaints to Samsung and all I  Ebert get back is form letters. 

I'm Wondering the same thing. That and how are they doing it and why??It's not like you win money! Oh and I could do with out the lady's crotch shot too .
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