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why do samsung allow cheating on samsunghealth challenges

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If you cheat and win, what do you win really?  Your name at the top of a board where anyone with any common sense knows you cheated? Doesn't seem like showing the rest of the participants that you're dishonest is much of a reward. 


i agree in the beginning it was extremely annoiing for me , but i started my own little group of real friends that use samsung health most og those friends who have my pace and we see each other frequently with them i go on with the montly challenges and i dont bother the other cheaters anymore i ctill am challenged every month it still motivates me to walk further and i dont fool myself :-) maybe one day the top cheaters are banned but than again someone who walks 5000 a day and " cheats another 10000 steps will never be noticed i think it is nearly impossible to eli,inate those kind of cheaters in challenges like this .. those extremists ( usual top 20 i guess with no doubt ) . my point is that in spite of those *****s it still can be a very great and motivating app to use !

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I started using the Samsung Health app in January, purely to track my stepcount each week when I started long distance walking for Cancer Research. The most I've ever done in a month was 290 steps shy of a million and in a day, just over 100k. Having seen the bulk of the posts here, I have to say that it is entirely possible to rack up over a million in a month...but not in a week! These recurrent cheaters are just cheating themselves but as long as you're hitting your step count targets then that's all that matters. Keep on walking and to hell with the top tier cheat code circle jerk.
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Also, I'm reattempting the million step challenge in October, and booked two weeks off work to get into some serious hiking.  So if anyone sees me ploughing through October's challenge...don't worry.  I'm neither a bot or a cheater.  Just someone who likes a bloody long walk. 😅

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Agreed! They are only cheating themselves. Kind of defeating the whole purpose of the app itself! It's called Samsung "Health" for a reason.
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We all know that they are cheating and they are blantaly branishing that title like people do not realize it, which makes them look even more foolish. However, the real question is why would you care? It's not like there is a grand prize at the end or a sacrifice you had to make to sign up. The most importsnt factor is that you put in the hard work to make yourself proud of the YOUR accomplishments. Everybody else is just noise and you should never compare yourself to others. Unless you are a professional athlete, there will always be somebody stronger or faster than you. Make yourself happy by accomplishing your own realistic goals and not somebody elses because Youll burn yourself out.

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I just saw that this message was from 2017...same ***** is still happening. On the first day of the challenge within a few hours someone had already finished, sad really, just cheating themselves.
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They don't remove the cheaters but they can notify me that "an unusually high step count has been detected and proceeded to remove me from  andthe challenge delete my data.  I guess i should've sent a notification email about my work step challenge this month 😒.  To add insult to injury it's not even that many steps, I simply upped my daily goal from 14k to 17k on weekdays and 20k on the weekends.   Thanks Samsung!

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The same guy is doing it every month. Samsung blocked some of his accounts, but he keeps creating new ones. Yes, I know I should not care about him, but anyway it makes me and lots of other people angry for the following reasons:

1. This guy is very fat. Samsung health should be an inspiration for people to get in shape and be fit. This is not the message that we get when we see the leaderboard.

2. The message that we get when we see the leaderboard is that it is very easy to abuse Samsung health app and that Samsung don't care about it.

3. From the first day of the monthly challenge this cheater makes 200000+ steps. Everyone gets to see his face every time they open the map to see the progress, because this cheater is number 1 athlete in the community.

4. We wish to see real people who make real exercise and are really fit. This is an inspiration and a motivation. Manik is the exact opposite of that.


I really hope Samsung will take care of this! They should also feel offended and abused by that guy.

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No kidding! The very first time I saw his DP I was like... This guy doesn't look like someone who takes fitness seriously! 

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