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whatsapp and Gear S after android pie not working

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I have the same issue after updated to Android Pie. No whatsapp preview text message can be showed in my Samsung Gear. SMS text is working fine. Please help. 

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Same problem. I get the notification with vibration on the gear s, but cant read the message. Just a blank screen with green circle "view content on mobile device" button and blue "clear" circle. No problem reading emails or messages on the gear s, just WhatsApp. Any fixes yet?

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I used to have my S8 with Gear S2, and when I get Whatsapp messages, I can read the messages in my watch, but after One UI, I cant anymore. I switched from S8 to Note 9 and still the same issue. I do get the notifications.... but I cant read the messages in the watch, I have to unlock my phone and read them from there.

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One said "wiping solves it"
Thanks but that mustn't be the only solution. Everyone can't do this. This is not(or must not) be that hard to solve for Samsung or Android or whatever is responsible for it. Samsung could at least state the reason or any method... That's really unprofessional and demoralising.
If you want your customers get a brand new device of you, offering impressive alternatives is the way. Not slowing down or ending the supports or other immoral and unprofessional method... I can see it on my Note 8 as well.
There can't be an explanation of slowing despite 6 GB ram, enough memory and all needed requirements for speed...
If I'm happy and if it's enough for me you have to supply all needed supports to me. In the simplest term, no one of other smart watches is as aesthetic and useful as much as Gear S.
So, please... You'll cause your customers choose others. This method is unsustainable and no one is unrivaled or irreplaceable.
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