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screen cracking on charge

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My S7 which I did love has now Cracked from the top Left Corner Down to the Bottom, This Happened while it was on charge. Samsung will take no responsibility and say it has been physically damaged. I have noticed that the phone keeps getting Hot especially when on Charge. I came home the other night put the phone on charge as usual. when removing from the charger i noticed the crack from top to bottom. everyone that has looked at it says. Either the samsung genuine clear view case has caused it by compress on the corner or it is from the heat while on charge which has flagged up a weakness with the bevel design. I would like to hear from any other users that have experienced this as Samsung will only blame the user. I have owned S2 S3 S5 S7, no problem until now. Very dissapointed in Samsung lately. A company I have always favoured. owning many products from them, latest the ks7500 tv and gear s3, which i must say both lacking software. Please if anyone else has experienced trhis without help from samsung please leave detail as i'm compilling a report for watchdog.

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Haven't experienced that (yet) however, charging has a major fault. Didn't exist until a system update of several months ago. When the update occurred the screen remained lit with changing rainbow colours during the entire charge which would not turn off. New update allows you to physically select standby screen by brief press of power button.
This is and has always been bad! Having the screen on pulls much current. The charge circuit, battery, display chip and screen pull heat creating current. Lots and lots of heat!!
Contained heat if as is sensible ones phone is in a case.
At best, this greatly shortens battery life, at worst, FIRE &/OR EXPLOSION.
I'M very sadly Cynical of Samsung as all S7 phones must be experiencing this, therefore Samsung must have had much feedback, especially after the 'exploding S7 phone in pocket' debacle.
Is it a way of recooping some of their losses by having a flood of early S7 battery replacements?
S7Edge (as is my phone) has to have the screen removed to renew the battery.
I wish you the best with Watchdog, hopefully they can bring this Megalith to task.

I don't know if anyone else experienced the following, but at the lead up to the launch of a new phone, I have always experienced significant software problems.

Please say, if I am not alone.

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Best thing to do is to get a independent engineer report from an accredited repairer as well if you think it is the phones fault. As testing will be able to prove such allegations. I have 10 years in retail manager in a retail chain and know 1st hand from dealing as the middle man 1 side will always think the other is pulling a fast one so more proof the better. :) Good luck with the endeavor keep us updated  

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