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samsung gear fit 2 bluetooth frequent disconnections

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I am using this samsung gear fit 2 for past 2 weeks now. From the day one i am seeing that its paring with my phone using gear fit app installed on my android 7.01 version phone is an issue. It connects fine works for an hour or so then disconnects on its own with a vibration on the gear. 


I beleive its running latest version of software as i remember it updated the software as soon as i paired for the first time with my phone. rx360xxu1dqe6 is the current version running on gear btw.


I went through some forums where they have mentioend some hack to get rid of this issue which also i tried still no luck.


Plz let know the solution to get rid of this annoying issue, so that i can happily use gear to its best.



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Hi, I've the same problem. The Samsung customer service is useless, they ask me to send the watch to an engineer for a fix.
The gear fit 2 looks like a disaster, this is the third issue with this watch, I ready sent the gear two times to the service...
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