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samsung galaxy s8 blue moving box on lock screen

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Hi.. I had the same problem. What I did with my phone is make a hard reset, a factory reset. It's not nice but was the only way out... sorry.


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This worked for me on my S6 edge. Thanks
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Today I received a Galaxy A5 2017 with this dreadful 'feature'.


I tried both Emergency mode and triple clicking Home button to no avail.

Called Samsung support Netherlands. This helpfull, very friendly lady couldn't help me out.


If you tried above suggestions and it doesn't work for you either, there is another way

I would presume this is the same on other models.


In your home screen do the following;


1. Swipe with 2 fingers from the top down, the menu with settings, wifi, sound, bluetooth etc pops up;

2. Press the Settings button (gear-icon in the top right of your screen);

3. Go to Accessibility;

4. Scroll down with 2 fingers, go to the 'TalkBack' option;

5. Disable this;


All should be in order now.




Fix this issue ASAP. This has been a pain in the butt for so much users for way too long, it dates back from 2017.

It renders the telephone unusable for the majority of the users. That's not something you expect of a device we depend on every day.


And seriously, restoring factory defaults on a perfectly working system with control disorders ? Surely, everyone should make back-ups of electronics containing personal data. But it still it only a work-around, and definitely not a long-term solution.


Also, when you're team is on it. Stop putting crapware and non-removable apps in the Android-system.

Preferably, use a stock Android system like Nokia does !

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 I have had this too on my s9 today and yesterday  . I just got it yesterday too :-(  my self I didn't see this dite yet and , well ,  I couldn't  if I tried anyway.  Locked out . Lol. I was holding buttons  down  somehow  got it shut down.  Pulled my sim card . Waited  a bit ( 5-10 minutes) turned it back on and it had stopped . The second time  I wasn't so lucky . Haha I tapped the power off button b4 the blue box was there   , then the second time while  the blue box was on "power off "..thenp it sent me to the pattern . I waited until it went through it then did the pattern a few times and it shut down  again . Turned it back on and it was there .again .Got it shut down again trying to do the same thing i did before ..Waited the 10 minutes then powered up.  Fixed . .  .my "talk" everything has and is shut off  so I hope it doesn't happen again.  One thing I noticed that I might have done was hold and push randomly the buttons on the phone while using the flashlight.  I have no idea what or how long I pushed any of the buttons  / volume/ power / and or probably the third key was involved too(?) . I have no idea if that caused my issue but I'm going to keep an eye out if it happens again and watch my fingers on the buttons .. oh and sometimes  when things have been going for a bit it'll have a blue line across  the entire screen going up and down, full screen swipes like a scan bar kinda thing .. and that'll sit doing that until I push something  . Then the boxes start again .  If that sounds familiar.  Luckily I've gotten mine back and running too .

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thanks for this,I've encountered this with my s9.
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I have a galaxy Tab A... how do i get rid of bluebox on it?

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I am having same problem

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if it would allow me to scroll insettings... i might find this universal botton

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