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samsung galaxy s8 blue moving box on lock screen

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you will live an awesome life bro .. thank you so much it got me out of the Sh***Y box.

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yeh the same problem is what i am facing but in samsung galaxy tab a 10.5 and as in the solution it is mentioned foremergency mode i couldn't find any emergency mode option


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after long press of power key
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This unusual feature that was activated in error requires you to first tap the object to move the blue box to your selection,  then double tap the selected key it intent to enter your selection.  To move up and down, use two fingers to swipe instead of one. 


This might help you get past your lock screen then arrive to the settings where you can disable the voice assistant or screen reader feature in accessibility

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With the new upgraded os, the default "pressing home 3 three times no longer work".  I get to notice this while trying every trick and solution possible fo me not using my phone for more than two days makes me so sick as a part of me is sliping away. So i keep trying every necessary tricks that could work. 


Then i tried to press the button combination of going into recovery mode ( old andriod trick on custom rom) and i noticed the sound stopped for a while and continues not until i kinda stumble across this comment which matches what i noticed then i keep on pressing the combination keys together( vol up + Power button + home ). and the blue disappeared. And the restriction was removed. And i was able to enter my password.

Though, this really sucks with Samsung phones, and alot of people have lost/destroyed their phone based on this issue due to frustration. 

But to me, in my country, its more really like advanced security (technology). We are being harrassed by so called Police men, collecting one's phone and going through your data, your chats, your emails, bank details( account information & account balance) and your installed applications which is very bad.


So i see this as advanced Security for me, now i believe i can work Freely.


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Perfect .... worked first time.  Much better than trying to power off and trying to click on emergency mode etc, .... that never worked for me.


Thanks so much.

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