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no date and time option on gear s3

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The watch is supposed to sync time with the phone but it does not.   The option to fix the time on the watch is grayed out, because it is supposed to sync.   This, and many other issues, happened immediately after the last phone and watch update.   Galaxy S8+ with Gear S3 (D348).

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Hi @GalaxyRob. Is the time and date on your S8+ set manually or automatically?


And any troubleshooting you've already tried on the other issues?


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I have the same trouble, my phone shows the correct time 01:04 but my Samsung S3 Frontier Shows 02:04.

How to solve this ?

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It has something to do with time saving zone. My area has not time saving.
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Same problem here. S3 Frontier does not sync time whith my phone (S7).

The watch is assuming the daylight saving time, that in my area (São Paulo - Brazil) is going to start only on 04 Nov.



Software version  R760XXU2CRH1

Security Status  TZPF_SM-R760_3.0_0001

My Time Zone: BRT UTC-3H


 Time and date on my S7: automatically. Phone shows the correct time.

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Brazil has delayed its daylight saving time this year by a couple of weeks. I believe there are probably thousands of us right now with issues due to this bug in the gear S3. It doesn't matter if you have automatic date or not, it will grab the correct time from the phone, but even though the phone has a proper timezone setting of -3 (the phone detects we delayed the daylight saving) the watch insists to set it to -2 (because of the daylight saving time we are supposed to be in, it ignores the phone setting).

The fix/"hack" is easy (again, we shouldn't have the bug in the first place). It is weird to not have manual date and time in the watch... I should be allowed to set a different time in the watch from the one in the phone if I wanted to.
Just set your phone to manual date and time and set timezone to -3 Buenos Aires (Argentina). They don't have daylight saving time and the watch will keep the same date and time as the phone. Just remember you will have to go back to Brazil when we actually go into daylight saving time in a couple of weeks.
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Thanks BiraNeto. It works!
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I MUST be somebody, because you sure helped me!!!

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Actually, the watch does not simply update with the time through connection with the phone. I am traveling overseas and they do not recognize DST in this country and my watch and phone are an hour apart even though they are linked by Bluetooth. My phone has the local time and my watch reflects an hour behind, DST. 

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