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gear iconx battery case discharging

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I have had the gear iconx for about a month now and love them apart from one thing. When I leave the headphones in the charging case they charge fine but if i dont take them out for a couple of days both the case and the headphones are completely dead. this happens everytime. As i us them for the gym i generally only use them every other day and find i have to plug the case in, which completely defeats the object in having a charging case. 

Any solutions woukld be greatly appriciated. 



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Hi Jack. :smileyhappy:


Is the case fully charged when you've left it? And what are you using to charge it? 


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yeah the case is fully charged. it will charge the headphones fine as long as i use them within a day but any longer it will discharge them. i use a samsung charger


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same problem.

It seems Sammy dont give a ***** even to answer the issue.

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I have the same issue, anyone resolve it?

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I'm having the same issue! Very annoying 


It's a hardware defect. Ofc Scamsung doesn't care about it. They start reacting only when their devices start exploding.

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Well, when we start giving really bad reviews they might notice! I'm reviewing on Amazon right now

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