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Why is there no internet browser for the Galaxy Watch?


Yes I realize its a miniscule display, yes I don't plan on using it often, but acess to the web is arguably the most important feature of any device.

Personally I could handle smaller text than what the watch even allows at the moment.

I used a third party unsafe asian browser on my gear to pull up youtube, blew peoples minds, itd be nice if we had a non chinese browser.


Imagine being able to quickly jump to your watch for breaking news, watch twitter videos etc and only pull out your phone if you actually care enough to.

Superuser I
Superuser I

The last time I actively looked there was an app available for the frontier watch to allow some form of internet usage. 


However due to the size of the battery it would not in my opinion last long if surfing the internet. 


So I decided not to install it on my Gear s3 Frontier Watch. 



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Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch
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That was probably the third party browser developed by some random guy with an asian name. I have that downloaded. Its clearly unsafe to use and not designed well at all.

First Poster
First Poster

Problem is this important Samsung app is no longer availabe in USA


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