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White screen when login in to Samsung account


I bought my Galaxy Watch today and I've paired it with my OnePlus6. No problems happened until I reached the login to my Samsung Account - a white screen appears and nothing happens. I can't download apps... Can you plese help? Already did the basic. Uninstall and reinstall, clear cache, reboot phone and watch...

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Until yesterday, everything was fine. Today - i have the same problem on my P20 Pro. 

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 i have the same problem on my P30 :((

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Same Issue! Samsung Please Help!
I have the same problem.
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Ugyan ez a gond huawei mate 20

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Same problem here , Huawei Mate 9 , watch pairing is successful but when trying to download watchfaces , phone tries to connect to samsung account and I am presented with a white screen

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i have the same problem on Huawei P Smart

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Same problem with p20pro

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Dear Samsung,


I also cannot login anymore because a white screen appears on my MOTO G6+ Android 9. It used to work.

Please let all of us know that you are working on this and when we can expect a solution.

Without this confirmation everybody is spending time by rebooting, reinstalling, and who knwos what.



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