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White screen for 4 days!

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Come an Samsung get of your beep and unban all none Samsung phones from your account server!


4 days ago I bought your Samsung Galaxy Watch 46 mm LTE and I have only been able to download apps on it using my work iPhone which uses a different app then Android phones!


I have tried 3 different Android phones same issue..


You got 100s of users on your forum complaining about being unable to login to your account server in Galaxy apps! Most likely the issue however is a lot huger because ordinary people don't go to forums but call and since it's Easter your phones are unmanned!!!


I tried on Motorola Moto Z with latest Android and updated apps even tried to download older Samsung accessory service if it was your update a few days ago but no good..


Tried on OnePlus 3 as well no good.


As I wrote it worked on iPhone but thats a different app..

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