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Where are my Gear S3 watch faces I have paid for?


I have recently switched from S7 to S9 and after resetting and connecting my gear to my new phone I've lost all my watch faces that I have downloaded including the one that I've paid for. I've researched in so many places to recover them back but nothing is working for me.  I initially purchased and downloaded my WF in Australia and recently I am in London, can this be the issue? If it is then this is really disappointing for me.

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@Prabin: It is possible that there is a regional restriction on your purchases that is preventing you from redownloading the watch faces in the UK. To check please open Galaxy Apps, tap the 3 dots in the top right and select My Apps > All to view all recently downloaded apps on your account. If the watch faces are not present in this location then in will not be possible to retrieve them.

Thanks for your response on this andrew, I have already checked in every possible places for these watch faces, I coudn't even find my purchase listing anywhere. Not sure why this is so complicated for something that I have paid for. And I am not the first person to face this issue.

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i'm having the exact same problem, did you have any luck finding them especially the watch face you paid for?







Yea I have the same problem, probably spend like 40/50 euro's worth of watch faces. 

It's pretty ridiculous in my opinion, i've been supporting everything samsung has done and keep buying the new devices that they bring out. But there is nothing they can do for the long time supporters.



Sorry mate, no luck till now. This is really disappointing.

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Access Galaxy Store app. Then click on the menu on the top right(three dots). Choose My Page. Select All follow by Watch. Redownload you watch faces again. Good luck.

Worst part for me is that i bought all of my WF in The Netherlands and they are all gone while I'm still in The Netherlands! Like wtf!!
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I have also lost the majority of my watchfaces. In my case it is when switching my private phone from A310 to S10e.

This is not due to a regional restriction because, if I pair my Gear S3 to my business phone (which also happens to be an A310) I am able to retrieve all my WF
successfully from the Galaxy Store.

All 3 phones are running same version of the Galaxy Wearable app and the Galaxy Store app. Only difference is
that the S10e is running a newer version of the Samsung Account software.

I don't get it...whats the point in personalizing your Gear if the personalization is lost when you get a
new phone?
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So this is how you get to your watch faces you downloaded.  Make sure you're logged  in on the watch app and go to the Galaxy store and click on the 3 dots at the top right. Click My page, All, then you will see App,Themes, and Watch. Click on watch and everything you downloaded to your watch should be there. If its not wait a little bit longer before going back. The most important is to log in to the watch app. 

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