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When is the gear vr note 8 edition avaliable in the uk?


Good news, this IS the correct version for the Note8 and direct from Samsung UK. As for 'how is it' - If you've any plans for the next few months, cancel them! (Although the hardest part is trying to get it back off the rest of the family that thought it was ***** when the box arrived!)

Apparently, S T U P I D, is classed as offensive language ,😂

I can confirm it's the correct one for the Note 8 and it fits perfectly. 


If you owned a previous version, the good news is I found an improvement on this newer model. The gap for your nose is slightly wider. So if like me, you found your nose uncomfortably pinched then this will be a welcome improvement. 


It's missing the volume button too but this was mainly redundant now the included controller has one. Otherwise it's pretty much identical. 


I wish they added more ventilation though as occasional fogging still occurs. 

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