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When finished recording a workout, Strava sync can sometimes take hours


I'm currently waiting on a workout from my Galaxy Watch Active that finished just over 2 days ago to show up in Strava.  The workout has synced to Samsung Health.

Good luck with that. We've tried to share the issue too but we're not really getting much by way of update from Samsung. I remain hopeful of course!

..and it looks like Strava also need to sort the API issue out. Come on guys, figure your differenes out and give us a service that we can actually use, rather than avoid resolving it!

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This issue has been going on for years! I remember having the same issues in 2017 and even then it "had been passed to developers" which appears to be a standard Samsung line for fobbing everyone off. The bottom line from many sources is that that the api makes too many calls to strava. This not a hard fix if the developers from both sides actually had a conversation. I gave up last year and moved to Garmin to post to Strava and just use SSHealth to compare stats with my wife who has been limping along with this issue for years! Morning rides post and almost at midday they stop untill the next morning. 

Come on Samsung sort you app out!!! 

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Same issue here, nice shiny new Galaxy Active watch and the inegration with Strava feels like something from the 1990s, are Samsung sending the data by pigeon carrier?! The Strava logo was used prominently to promote these watches, but the Strava app itself is a completely unusable joke and the integration with Samsung Health is glacial at best. I cycled to work at 6:30am yesterday and cycled home at 4pm, as it stands (26 hours later) neither have appeared in Strava despite being linked/connected. 


I've not had any issues with the Strava app at all and been using it for about 6 months for running.  Always updates my Strava account near instantly so I've just given up entirely on S Health.  My only criticism of the Strava app is I'd like customisable screens so I can make the info I want  more prominent to read while running. 


Only thing to watch (pardon the pun), is as soon as you press the workout selection it starts recording and you can accidently press pause at the very start of a workout.   At first I thought you'd have to confirm your selection and manually start, so bad eyesight had me pressing pause, thinking it was start and wondering why my workout hadn't recorded.

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Still not fixed, which is unacceptable given the timeframe. Switching to Strava app 'fulltime' now and getting rid of my Samsung watch and Samsung Health. Good job, I waited over a year for this to be fixed.


@Ricky2 wrote:

I have my Samsung health app (on the phone) set to sync with Strava. So whenever i record a workout (Cycling, running, walking etc), when the workout is completed, Samsung Health is meant to sync the data with strava.

I have a regular problem where the sync can sometimes take 12 hours approx.

This is an inconvenience because i like to finish my workout then look at the activity straight after in Strava.

I have tried these steps in order to 'force' a Strava sync but it doesn't work:
- Clearing the app's cache
- Force stopping the app and re opening
- Uninstalling the Samsung health updates and reinstalling them / re set the app back up.

I have also recently done a factory reset of the phone in order to fix another issue i was having...the issue survived that.

I am using a gear sport SM-R600NZKABTU

The phone I am using it with is a galaxy S8 plus SM-G955F.

The watch software version is:



Phone software version:

Android 8.0.0

Baseband: G955FXXU1CRD1

Gear app

Gear plugin


The gear manager, Samsung health and the watch are all up to date.

My friend has the same issue using a gear s3 with a note 7.


Currently, in order to sync straight away i am resorting to manually exporting the GPX file to the strava website.

This issue is intermittant.

Me too
Im using the sport and my workouts are still waiting to be synced from sunday 3 days sgo. Ive also tried the usual forced sync without luck. Im totally frustrated as i too like to look at my training workouts. Im presuming its a software issue

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still no reply or fix from samsung, was working fine then just stopped, will be switching to another brand of watch or tracker as soon at i get the money to do so

I have version 6 and it has not helped. It is sunday and im still waiting on 2 workouts from friday and saturday to upload. Not good at all
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