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Whatsapp on Galaxy watch

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So....when receiving a whatsapp message on my Galaxy watch, I can reply and then the original message disappears. If I forget to put something in the reply, I now cannot send a new reply to the original message. Thus happens when using via bluetooth and as a standalone. Samsung have just said it could be conflict of software from EE, with the Samsung software. Any ideas anyone?

You cannot initiate a new WhatsApp conversation from your Galaxy Watch. You can only reply to incoming notifications and once you reply to them the notifications disappear. There are some apps on Galaxy Watch app store that allows you to initiate a conversation and reply multiple times in a conversation if remember correctly its name is Whats History, there is another app called Chat hub for WhatsApp [and something else is there in its name as well that I don't remember]. But these apps are not fully baked and it is just bare minimum, on top of that you have to pay to use any of these apps. This is how it is right now with Galaxy Watch, I know it is annoying. I am facing the same problem, hope we get a fix soon.
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