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WhatsApp calls cannot be received on Gear S3

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Dear All,

I recently switched from iPhone to s8plus mainly because I was having Gear s3 and wanted to have full functionality of Gear s3.

After connecting my Gear s3 to  s8plus,  I am not able to receive any calls from WhatsApp..I was able to do this with iPhone ..

I tried resetting Gear s3,reinstalling gear app on s8 plus but it didn't.

Can any one please advise how to fix the issue??




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Can any one please help!!!!


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I don't know what happens in samsung but it's a shame. When we connect our gear to the iPhone we can receive whatsapp calls and with samsung we can't... 

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mee to plis help fix this 

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maybe this is an android and not samsung issue considering the iphone works on a different OS ? 

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shame on u samsung 

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