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Watch repair support

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I cannot get support my watch has gone in for repair I had an email statingit could not be repaired and they had a soloution that was on the 24th March I have tried ringing I have been on live chat and they just passed me on to an email address which I have tried and heard nothing back they gave me a phone number to ring and assured me that they would sort my problem out that was just a worldwide software solution place they gave me another number and everytime I ring it for the past 2 days they say they have an emergency of the building has been evacuated I want to try and find out where my watch is I have been on trace my repair and at the end it says watch out for delivery but I can't find out any further information I think this is a poor show if I wanted to purchase a Samsung product even at these hard times I can and get it delivered so why can't they give me information about my watch repair every number or email that I have been given say they are either out of service or they don't answer the emails

It shows where samsung priorities lie they just want to get more sales out and not service existing customers

(Emergency in the building and it has been evacuated ,message for the past 2 days come on samsung your customer service director should be on the comedy store for thinking that one up)

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