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Watch SM R810 not measuring HR every 10 mins


Following update last Thursday, my watch stopped measuring heart rate every 10mins as set. Instead it appears to measure HR hourly.

Continuous measuring works fine as does exercise tracking and manual.

But not every 10 mins.

Checking internet, this has been reported on Samsung boards in the US

Anybody else have a problem with the 10min setting since the update?

(Tried watch reset)

@Wolfrunner: First of all, please double check that the watch is set up to measure your heart rate every 10 minutes by going to the heart rate tracker screen, rotate the bezel to select Auto HR settings, and then select 'Frequent'. In the user manual it states 'If your Galaxy Watch does not register that a motion has occurred for more than 10 minutes, your Galaxy Watch may recognise that you are not wearing it on your wrist.' With this in mind, can you confirm if the watch fails to measure your heart rate even when you're active?
Hi, thanks for reply.
I first noticed this problem because sleep pattern was not being recorded.
When watch set to measure every 10 mins at night it records roughly hourly or not at all. Watch now doesn't measure even during the day when active.
Continuous setting worked fine for sleep last night and when set for exercise yesterday.

My reply isn't properly clear.

When set to measure every 10 mins, it measures hourly (not on the hour but at a 10 min interval for example 10:50 or 16:40) or not at all. At all times of the day asleep or active.

Continuous works fine at any time asleep or active. Exercise activity setting is fine because it's in continuous mode.

Manual measure also fine.

Watch has been reset once.


Either the watch is faulty or the recent update has had an adverse effect as posted by some US users on their forum boards. If nobody else in the uk is reporting this problem then I'll have to contact support for repair or live with it!


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I have had the same issue since the update. When I would sleep, it would track every 10 minutes through the night without fail. Now, it measures once every hour during the night, though the setting shows every 10 minutes. It's the update by samsung that screwed it all up.

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