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Watch Active no distanze metering for open water swimming

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My brand new Samsung Active Watch ist not measuring the swimming distance in open water (lake). The GPS tracking also made mazy things (see picture attached) an finished the swim in middle of the lake. I attache two screen shots from my recent swims, on which you see Distance = 0m .


What to change, so the Watch is metering the distance?


Running mode is working fine (GPS track is correct as well as distance).


Thanks for any support.


Screenshot_20190708-182112_Samsung Health.jpgScreenshot_20190708-182146_Samsung Health.jpg

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Hi there, I am also have no luck in getting distance to measure in open water. the Gear Sport locks on the GPS signal before entering the water, works for maybe 2 mins, and then nothing. There is also no GPX file. This watch seems to be not capable of working properly in water. Any fixs?
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