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Want to see google calendar on my galaxy watch 46 mm

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last week i bought myself the nice samsung galaxy watch. I have n iphone, so before buying, i checked the compatebility.

Most is up and running, but how do i get access to my google calendar via my smartwatch/phone?

I’m not able to add an account, should remove my samsung account from the watch? I tried many things, but still not able to see my google calendar events on my new watch.


Hope there is someone who can help out!



I guess the only way is to add it to your apple calendar app (add shared calendar). It's a workaround but i did see my apple calendar appear. Only thing is you cannot deselect the accounts you do and don't want to see. Cannot test it anymore since i returned my galaxy watch mainly because of it's almost useless heart rate tracker. Step and elevation tracking was fine with me btw.
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