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WTF has happened

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Ok, so yesterday there was an update of galaxy wear app, and now all my calls are going to my watch, and it is annoying.

So until yesterday when i recieved the call if i answered it with my watch the default speaker and microphone is watch if i answer it on the phone the default was on the phone, and that was logic and ok. But now everything goes to watch even when i make the outgoing call on my phone it starts ringing on my watch.

And i now i can disable audio calls in bluetooth setting on my phone but i dont wnat to do that because than i cant make outgoing calls on my watch when i want to.

It all worked well before the update, what can i do to fix this?

Hi @Wickey

Are you still having issues with this? Can you try disconnecting the watch from the phone, restart both, then re-connect them again?
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