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Viewing WhatsApp images on Galaxy Watch


I had the Gear fit 2 Pro before I got the Galaxy Watch and when it came to WhatsApp notifications, pictures always came with a little icon however once or twice (in months of use) the picture was actually shown on the watch! Since getting the Galaxy I have had no such luck and never seen a picture on the watch. I believe that there is a certain scenario which it works under however I have no clue what it is. I know that there is another post from a few months ago on this topic however I want to revive this as there has been no update fixing this in months of Samsung knowing about it. Surely it isn’t that difficult to let you view a picture on the Galaxy Watch’s beautiful screen! I had the ticwatch Pro before also and that never failed to display the images on the watch and I believe that the Apple Watch is supposed to be the same. 


Please Samsung add a fix to this as soon as possible or at least explain why it is not possible to do this. Thanks

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I agree. Most of my WhatsApp notifications contain picture. I don't want to grab my phone everytime I receive a picture because it makes my Galaxy Watch useless. Please please, fix this.

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Dokładnie. Cokolwiek jest to pozbawione sensu, żeby wiadomość WhatsApp odczytywać na zegarku a zdjęcie w telefonie. Samsung, popraw to proszę.

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