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Very unhappy and disappointed with my Galaxy watches

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We are extremely disappointed and annoyed with Samsung after purchasing two Galaxy watches, to review how a wearer can swap watches for different occassions. WE HAVE WASTED OUR MONEY!!!!!!! Apparently you can't own two Galaxy watches, unless you go through an unaccepatble and timeless process of resetting each watch on the app when you swap???? Is this how Samsung treats loyal good customers? Nowhere on the watch's advertsing does it mention this, so a total con! We will be noting this on our websites review of the watches.

Very poor Samsung, and what are you going to do, as we have heard from a number of customers who are equaly appalled at this situation?


Uhm, I've been using my S3 Classic together with Fit2 Pro for over a year without issues. There is also Auto-Switch, which reconnects to the watch that you have on your wrist automatically

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Sorry, please read my original post, this issue is only with the Galaxy watches. The app does not let you switch from one watch to another, as you can with the other Samsung watches!

Basicaly, you can't own two Galaxy watches, if you do like me, when you swap from one design to another, you have to reset the new watch, instal the software, sign into your account, restore the watch and then check the settings.......takes up to 15 minutes! Ridiculous.....don't buy two Galaxy watches!!!!!


Are you sure you did not mess anything up ? I have a Galaxy Watch Active 2 now and I still had my S3 and Fit2Pro paired up before, was still auto-switching with no problems.

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