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Using the gear 360 as a pc camera


Not sure if you can but it would be great if you could connect your gear 360 to your pc and use it as a camera or webcam and be even better if you could view the stream remotely through a browser or app so you could view the feed from a device outside of your home


Anyone know of anyway to do this or if this is something that may be planned for the future?

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Hey Nij!


We're afraid this isn't possible. It is only possible to record to SD card or to a compatible phone. Through the PC it is possible to view the recordings through Action Director to edit it, so you can play on different formats.


Hope this helps :robothappy:



Thanks, I have been using action director to view and edit videos which is great, would be a great feature for the future then maybe, if you could view and stream your camera feed from anywhere to a mobile device via wifi or mobile networks


Thanks for the feedback!



We'll pass it on, keep posting. :cathappy:

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I agree i feel that this camera should be able to be used as a webcam at least, even if single lens mode is all that could be activated in webcam mode, I'm looking at buying a webcam and Logitech is the best option as of now but if i could use this year 360 then I could stay Samsung which I try to do on all my electronic needs
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i also agree... i would have thought that was an option from the get go ....rather simple feat would think
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I have to really agree, that it needs to be pushed to get this 360 Camera to also be a PC Webcam with drivers so that you either select it as a Drive to download the files from the MicroSD (Which is current design).  Or have the ability to make a USB connected Webcam to use in any app that will use the Windows Drivers of a camera.

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I have recently got Gear 360 device. I was excited to get it. But there is BIG BUT. It is just a camcorder. Not even a webcam. That would be great if this device can be used at least as webcam.

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+1 here. My work bought this for me as a webcam for design work with remote employees. I was a test as we need something for this purpose for employees across the country. This product would be fantastic but it appears i've finally found my answer - that this won't work. So a few thoughts:


1. I spent a lot of time trying to make this work as it wasn't clear what the PC piece was for. I think your website/instructions could be more clear on this point. Would have prevented a lot of lost time and frustration for me and my it dept.

2 - the use case for conference calls, design sessions and other meetings as well as a web cam would seem to be pretty compelling.... This would be perfect (especially if people could zoom in remotely with webex or some other phone app so employees needing to see whiteboard/sketching/post-it note maps, could control it themselves. Its so close!

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Connecting a camera to a pc seems to be a relatively simple thing to do (there's a LOT of options out there) - to the point that I didn't even consider ASKING this question before I purchased the 360!

These days this seems to be a natural extension of pretty much every 'mobile facing' camera out there.

PLEASE tweak that software?

The 'live' feature is pretty cool, amazing actually - VERY happy with that, but it does ONLY go through the phone? My pc is EVERY WHERE with me, almost as much as my awesome new Note 8... But -such a limitation with this camera.

:-( Still going to play and work to find ways to utilize! :-)
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