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Using the gear 360 as a pc camera

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To make a camera that doesn't connect is plain ole *****. Samsung has some great pruducts. This camera is pretty cool, but what MORON would build a camera for a phone and not give it a streaming capability. I'm kind of ***** off about it.
It came with the phone... NOTE8 which I like a lot... but cost 1k. so .. so what.
not giving it connectablity ( the camera).. really turns a useful tool into a gimmicky toy... that will soon find itself in the pile of *****... with the other waste of time *****.
Love the phone. camera 360 ... *****.. no use for it.
SAMSUNG .. are you listening. fix this. ASAP... ??? don't look like fricken *****s.
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Make it possible. 

it's really just a gimmicky toy without connection.    you know.    

I'm really in disbelief that some MORON at samsung let this go through .   

I love samsung.. i just purchased a note8.  love it.  

 the 360 makes samsung look like fools.   it's a black mark. 


great idea...  functionality ***** sucks. 


fix it ... quickly.   


im going to search the web for reviews..    and see if they get it right.   this camera should be considered a failure.  

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It DOES have streaming capability. Through your phone. 
However, being able to use it as a 360 webcam on a PC would be awesome.

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It really is disappointing that you can't use the camera for a video call.  Was really hoping to use this for Christmas so my Mom who lives far away could watch the kids open presents.  While she can watch, there is no interaction thru the app itself.  Kinda bogus.  I'm a huge Samsung fan but this is pretty disappointing. 

Samsung, can you at least add a feature to use video calling please?

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The Gear360 Action Director for PC has live video feature, where you can project to youtube, facebook, etc. I have not really tried it but I think that is the closest to using the 360 as webcam.


Ahh that'd be cool, I've just updated to the latest version, where's the option for this, I am using the first 360 camera that came out, not the newest one!



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Did Samsung update the driver to like this 360 camera as the webcam as well?

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Not that simple u can use it aas a pc web came or anything like that

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This is a thing. If you wanted to use it as a webcam. You can use OBS to focus on the program and there yah go. 

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