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Using the gear 360 as a pc camera




Thanks for your reply, hadn't heard of OBS but did a google search and is it OBS studio, how does this work then as I think when you connect your gear 360 to your pc, it disables your camera, I've got the 1st gen gear 360 by the way

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just answered my own question. Its no good as a webcam. Strike that off my list then
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I"m crushed this doesn't work, I thought I was just being dumb.

The 'live' feature only works on youtube if you have 1000 followers, so being able to use it on a desktop to be able to do livestreams on YouTube would be really nice.

I read the suggestion for conference calling as well, I think one in the middle of the room for a remote person to be able to look around the room while the meeting was happening would be bloody brilliant.


You have to update this software, it's such a compelling use case.


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