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Unable to read Whatsapp Messages in my Gear S2 after One UI.

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I switched from S8 to Note 9 and before One UI, I could read my Whatsapp messages in my watch, without having to unlock my phone.

Now, I cannot read them unless checking them on my phone. I do get the notification in my Gear S2, but It says "unlock your phone for more information". This has never happened to me before. I checked all my Whatsapp notification Settings and also my Wereable Settings and still the same issue. I reseted my Gear and deleted the Wereable app on my phone, still same issue.

Its kinda anoying that I have to take my phone out in the street to read a Whatsapp message, when I can just look at it in my watch like it used to be.


Any solution?

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did you ever figger it out mine does the same thing now since i bought a samsung a20 now i cant read whatsapp messages and some other app to

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