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Unable to connect my Nokia 8 to Galaxy Watch

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I bought a Galaxy Watch but I can't setup to watch with my phone Nokia 8 :


Model : Nokia 8 TA-1012

Android : 8.1.0


Galaxy Werable :

Galaxy Watch Plugin :


State :


I used the Galaxy Werable app to setup the watch but the watch remains locked on this screen "Check your phone to complete setup" and the phone "Association in progress" and after a while "This operation takes longer than expected, press CANCEL to retry"


The problem is that the Bluetooth connection between the watch and the phone does not remain active.


I followed some advices in Nokia and Samsung forum :


- Reset bluetooth cache (Settings -> app -> Bluetooth -> Storage)

- Uninstall and install the 3 app again

- Reset Galaxy Werable, Plugin cache (Settings -> app -> Galaxy Werable, Plugin -> Storage)

- Restart the phone after the cache cleaning


I have a Samsung S6 (the screen is broken and the battery is discharging too fast). I managed to do the setup with the S6. So now I have a "watch" wihtout the "smart" beacause I can't use the S6. After that I updated the watch and tried again to connect my Nokia 8 but no success.


Someone can help me ?


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Hey, today i finally got the pie update. First thing i tried after phone finished updating, was pairing my gear fit2 pro. Works just fine. No workarounds needed. 





i have same problem :(

i am contact samsung support, but not get any relevant ansver :(

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HI @_mic

If you had previously paired the watch to another device then you will be required to factory reset the device in order to pair it to your Nokia. To proceed with a reset go to your Apps Menu and select Settings > Gear Info > Reset Gear > Tick the box to confirm. Once the reset is complete, follow the on screen prompts to pair it to your phone.
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Hi there,


I just bought the Galaxy Watch and I am having the same problem. :(


i am reset galaxy watch and reset mobile .... 3 times, but devices not pairing :(  



Hi boys

yesterday i am pairing my Nokia 8 phone with my new galaxy watch   WAU


1. reset galaxy wath - faktory reset

2. uninstal 4 samsung application

3. delete "paired" watch in BT on my phone

4. install application Galaxy Wearable

5. run application

6. power on galaxy watch

7. start pairing

8. install next aplication

9. use


  it is very difficult, but galaxy watch is fantastic


I'm finally satisfied  WAU

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Witch 4 Samsung apps have to be deleted?



1.Galaxy Wearable

2. Galaxy Watch Plugin

3. Samsung Health

4. Samsung Accessory Service


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On the watch?



On the PHONE  



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