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Tizen 4.0 for Gear S3 Frontier !!


Hi, have you solved problem with Barometer and Altimeter?

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No I haven't.
If you have any suggestions please share.

I tried manual calibration, and It is just ridicules. I snowboard a lot and I calibrated watch to 1900m at check points with altitude marking. After coming back a few times app was showing different measurements every time ,first time i got back was about 1800m, second time about 1700m, later on that day over 2000 meters, all at the same check point.

I also found that "Find my phone" has stop working for me. After disconnecting watch and restarting Galaxy Wearable app it works again. But that makes it pretty much useless for its purpose. Another cool feature gone after updating to Tizen 4. I have Xiaomi phone, and Galaxy Wearable app is always running in background, don't know if this is an issue with other phones.

When I stated some more wek ago, that I don't need Tizen 4 rather then Samsung to fix all bugs in their Apps before, I'm right from my point of view. Alarm ist fixed now, but not with T4. It was after the update fixed by an App-update. Barometer/Alimeter is still a mess. Being at the beach. And the Gear is telling me I'm 120m. Comming back to the same point at the beach after 20 minutes it's telling me I'm at -25m. But the weather has'nt changed. There are Apps with do the job well. And there are much more bugs left from T3 with where successfully ported into T4. Great job Samsung.

And this is not enough for those world champion programmers. They found a way to bugifiy with T3 working things by porting them to T4. I.e. sleeping protocool: Samsung health is telling me, that I have slept the last 26 hours. WTF?. In this time I had three workouts, which I protocooled with the watch.

The only good thing about the Gear is: I can't be that harmful, that a life will be in danger. But I'm afraid that one of those programmers is going to Samsung heavy industries and will be in charge to programm something really important. Something like a ship automation..... I don't want to think of.

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I am having the same issues, Just noticed it within the last couple days. I have been a long time Samsumg Consumer Electronics person, and right now Apple is starting to look really good. Just went and purchased a Iphone as a second phone but didn't want to really shell out the money for the Apple Watch. If this doesn't get taken care of soon, I will retire my watch and use my Note 9 as a backup and purchase the Apple Watch, and use both the iPhone and the Apple watch as main communication devices.

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I've already done that! I've been using my S3 watch for almost 2 years and for every update things is getting worse or staying the same despite the update is supposed to fix things. Now I'm only using Apple stuff (phone, watch, media center, etc) and next time I buy a new TV it won't be a Samsung one. So tired of their crappy software.

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Having the same issue. Tried every setting, uninstalled apps, uninstalled every costume watchface, did a reset. Sent it to the repair shop. Came back today they said the noticed the issue and repaired it.  Still the same issue, battery goes down pretty fast. So it's a software problem. Didn't have the problem with T3. Waiting for an update, till then I'll make the best out of it. 





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Same for me charged it to 100% out it overnight in flight mode 5.5 hours later down to 15% my s3 frontier is 2 month old..


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I am using the tiezen 3.0. 0.1 I ddnt update it to the problematic battery draining version ( that's my second watch 1st one has been updated and it lasted less than 8 hours till it hits 0%). I am wondering if the new update has any problems or. If it will drain my battery again. 

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There are thousands of people having the same draining problem on tiezen My First watch was updated to and next day battery drained under 6 hours. I didn't have anything but default watch apps. I sent it back and got new one. Never updated it and it lasts 3 days. It is not about the watch faces at all it is about poorly engineered software
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Have you tried t4? Is it any better? My watch Is on I ddnt update it to. 2 because my 1st watch (again s3 frontier) has been updated and update messed up the battery big time.. I'm tempted to update to 4 but I don't want it to mess up battery efficiency again
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