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Think the Galaxy buds case has battery drain problem.


The case goes from green to yellow to red really quickly, despite the fact that I do not use my buds all that often throughout the day. So I decided to try something.


Last night, I charged the buds+case to 100%. Before going to sleep, I unplugged the charger. When I woke up this morning, I plugged the charger back in and guess what? The light is red. I have the charger plugged back in and even after 30 minutes of charging, it is still red despite the fact that I did not use the buds at all from 100%. Anyone else think there is a problem?


Edit: Took 40 minutes to go back from red to green, even though the case should had been at 100% since last night.


Also, does anyone know what's the battery capacity of the Galaxy buds case and Buds themselves and how much time does it take to charge them? 

Thank you for the help!
On my S10+!
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