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Tennis tracking


absolutely incredible some acitivites like tennis are not available in the watch itself. 



I am wondering about that. You as a Moderator should know it better:


- I am not able to select Tennis as an activtiy on the watch !

- The watch is not able to detect Tennis automatically, only "Dynamisches Workout" is getting detected !




The topic is older than 1 year, there were some updates for Samsung Gear S3, but I still don't see tennis, badminton, mountain biking… to be added!? Is it really so hard to add this sports, do we have to get old to see them or is it better just to sell the watch and buy a new one, from companies that take care of their costumers...?

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Samsung moderators. Please shoe us that you care for costumers. Even with one empty reply in this thread.

I'm facing the same problem.

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Hi all.


I've put a suggestion about this topic to our software R&D team. Me or one of the other Mods will let you know how it goes.


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Received the new Galaxy Smart Watch yesterday, and I can not select tennis on my watch :-(

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I have the same problem here, I practice two sports: Tennis en mountenbike... both not available on my gear sport (what's in name...)


i'm  very happy with my watch, except for this missing feature, especially because it is availabe in the S Health app on smartphone.


Hope to see a solution very soon.

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Any news on this subject?

The activities should support the same ones as Samsung Health in the Tracking watch (e.g. Gear Fit 2 Pro).

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Is there any update to this issue? I'm having the same problem.

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